Welcome to my random generators! I am in the process of reconstructing this site after spammers took down the old one; please enjoy what's here, and check back often!

IMPORTANT: Yes, you may use the output of these generators in your novel, RPG, etc. That's what they're for. If you want to give me credit with a note and/or link, that's very nice of you and is appreciated, but it's not required. You DO NOT need to contact me for permission.

IMPORTANT 2: STOP asking for price quotes. This is a site for random text generators. I neither sell, buy, nor care about electrical equipment.

IMPORTANT 3: Yes, I will get all the old generators up eventually. Yes, I will prioritize the ones people seem to want the most. No, I cannot do it by Monday. No, I cannot restore the ability to generate multiple names at once, sorry.

Feel free to email me with your comments or suggestions. I don't promise to respond to all of them, but I'll read them.